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A free logo generator is an online logo designer tool that usually features hundreds of thousands of logo icons that you can customize to create a logo.

To start, log on to the Free Logo Generator tool and pick an industry that matches your business or brand and some preferences such as colors, fonts and symbols.

This will help you generate hundreds of logo templates in the logo gallery. Select a logo to customize the design according to your requirements.

In the logo editor, make changes or adjustments with text, color, shapes, and alignment editing tools. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can always start again with a different template. You can use the logo editor to:

  1. Change Layout
  2. Change Icon
  3. Change Color
  4. Change Monogram
  5. Change Name and Slogan

The drag-and-drop editing tool makes it very easy for designers, business and startup owners to create their own logos without design skills. The logo design vector files can be downloaded within minutes and used on any digital medium for creating brand recognition.

Click on “Sign in” at the top right of the Free Logo Generator website and enter your details to sign up and create a profile, although this is not necessary for creating your own logo.

Follow these steps to design a brand new logo.

Step 1: Go to the home page and enter your company name in the form field. Add a keyword for your industry like ‘car’, ‘flower’ or ‘clothing’.

Step 2: Select logo inspirations from the templates that you will see on your screen.

Step 3: Navigate to the next pages and choose font styles, colors, and symbols to get a few logo designs for your company.

Step 4: Choose a logo template from the designs that are generated in our Free Logo Generator. Customize according to your requirements and download the logo vector files from top right button..

You can find a range of tools to customize the elements of your logo design. Here are the tools that you can use for creating your own logo:

1.Color tool

Choose the right colors from the color palette for your free logo design to download.

2.Text box or field

Navigate to the text field box and access the ‘edit’ option. Change text in the drop-down menu and update.


Add or remove symbols by accessing the option from the logo studio panel.

4. Container

Pick a container or shape to add in your logo design in this Free Logo Generator.


Pick a monogram and edit it according to your requirements to start using for print and digital branding.

Yes, you can make multiple changes to your saved logo designs in the free logo maker tool.

There are two options to do this.

1. Free edits

Access the ‘My Design’ option to view your designs created in the logo generator. Navigate to the logo you want to change and visit ‘edit’ at the bottom of the file.

Make changes and finalize the logo before downloading.

2. Paid subscription

If you get a paid subscription, you can make unlimited changes or edits to the custom logo design even after you have downloaded and purchase the printable logo PDF as well.

You do not need any additional skills to use the Free Logo Generator. Anyone can start creating a logo with Free Logo Generator. On the home page, you can simply enter your brand name to get a logo design.

All you need to do is choose the color, text style, and symbols or icons that represent your business or project. The tool will do all the work for you!

Even if you have no past experience of graphic design and limited knowledge, you can use the free logo maker tool online to generate a brand icon for your website, eCommerce store or social media pages.

You can access all your past designs in the ‘My Design’ category which is on the top navigation bar. Visit the ‘Sign In’ option and enter your details.

You can get started on a logo design and customize the elements according to your requirements. Once you download the finalized version, the logo will appear in the My Design section. The logo will be saved on the panel and can be accessed at any time.

A branding kit is a package that includes all your visual brand identity assets like the logo, colors, font styles, and brand guidelines for print and digital mediums. You can create a logo in the free logo maker tool and download it to order a branding kit for marketing and promotions from us.

A branding kit is a package that includes all your visual brand identity assets like the logo, colors, font styles, and brand guidelines for print and digital mediums. You can create a logo in the free logo maker tool and download it to order a branding kit for marketing and promotions from us.

Here are a few branding essentials that you can order with your custom logo:

  • Banner
  • Social Media Display and Header Image
  • Business Cards
  • Stationery
  • Merchandise like T-Shirts
  • Website
  • Email Signatures
  • Poster Designs

Contact to order your branding kit or get in touch via the contact form for more information.

Yes, you can have the ownership of your logo design once you download it. However, if you plan to trademark or file for copyrights of your logo then you will need copyrights ownership. For information on the copyright and trademark ownership, you can always reach out to a support representative at , call or via chat.

To download your logo, you need to first sign in.

Once in the logo studio, you can find the ‘download’ button towards the top right. Just simply access that and download your free logo vector files to use for branding and marketing.

Follow these steps to download your logo.

Choose an option from Free and Paid.
Navigate to ‘My Design’ and pick the logo you want to download.
3. Download JPG, PNG, and grayscale logo files for different mediums or purchase a high resolution PDF logo.

Our support team is available round-the-clock. You can email with your concerns at , call 1855-752-5503 for more information or leave a message via our contact form.

A support representative will reach out to you in 24 hours. The quickest way to get a response is via live chat where you can send in a query and get a solution instantly.

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