About the Team

We’re here to make great design accessible and delightful for everyone

An Idea Is Born

Our team of talented software developers span all over the globe. We have always envisioned to give the community a useful product that is easy to use and not complex but weren’t sure what, until one day we sat down and asked ourselves: “What is the one thing that will serve all sects of the community?”

Our answer was “a tool” but we didn’t know which one. When we ran a survey among friends, colleagues, and random people on the street, they pretty much said the same thing: a long lasting tool, usable for people of all walks of life, and accessible by all.

A free logo generator for all

That’s when we zoomed in on the idea of creating a logo maker that is free for all. Free Logo Generator may have started out as a rudimentary tool but its usefulness is widespread and designed for people of all levels and industries.

  • Charities and nonprofits
  • Schools and education institutions
  • Webmasters and bloggers
  • Gamers and YouTubers
  • Startups and entrepreneurs

Our list of users is growing day by day, and we hope to continue to grow our skills to grow our software development efforts towards this tool.

A Solution-oriented Team

We are a proud team of software developers eager to band for creating solutions-oriented products and services to serve our community.

Our vision

To create and grow a progressive community of software users.

Our mission

To use our skill sets and resources to achieve our vision and goals of a codeless design platform, driven by business needs.

Our team

Our team is growing day by day as the demand for our designs grow to fulfill our vision. We hope this trend continue to grow and help us achieve our mission.

  • Graphic Designers
  • UI/UX Developers
  • Software Engineers
  • DevOps Engineers
  • BD Executives

We are always searching for problems that we can solve. Let us know if you’ve got any idea!

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