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You can now make free logos online from tons of logo templates. Let our AI logo maker fire up your imagination with unique company logos for your brand.

Freelogogenerator Website Logo
Freelogogenerator Website Logo
Freelogogenerator Website Logo
Freelogogenerator Website Logo

How to Get Inspiration from a Free Logo Creator

Launch your startup with a bang today with an outstanding logo design for your company. With Free Logo Generator, you will get tons of logo inspirations for your business brand image. Just select a professional logo template from tons of options to start with, and you’ll be amazed at what you can come up with.

Let our drag-drop logo creator do the heavy lifting while you simply personalize your logo by clicking on your choices of fonts, and colors, and download your free logo in minutes.

Since our logo maker software is absolutely free, you can play with it to create unlimited logo designs without paying a dime! Get tons of inspiration from different layouts to shapes, letters, and icons no matter your industry niche. The sky is the limit! See how our creative customers have used Free Logo Generator to come up with these memorable logo designs!

Zaheer Dhodia CEO FreeLogoGenerator

Free Logos Created by Real Customers

Freelogogenerator Website Logo
Freelogogenerator Website Logo
Freelogogenerator Website Logo
Freelogogenerator Website Logo
Freelogogenerator Website Logo

How to Create a Free Logo Onlines

Go to Free Logo Generator

Navigate to FreeLogoGenerator.com to access the logo editor tool. All designs are sorted by design, business, and industry type. Browse through thousands of logo design samples-all customizable and downloadable in minutes.

Select a logo you like

From the tons of thousands of logo templates, select the one that you like. Make sure that it matches your business and the brand image you want to portray. Don’t worry, you can always go back and select a new one if you don’t like the final result.

Customize your Logo

One of the best things about Free Logo Generator is that our logo editor allows you the flexibility to personalize with unlimited custom logo options like fonts, colors, company name, tagline, and more. Only download if you like your logo design.

Download logo vector files

Save time when you use our free logo maker tool and get your logo vector files as soon as you finish designing. No more time wasted with back and forth emails, no more issues with finalization. Get your business logo downloaded on the go.

Why Should You Use a Free Logo Generator?

When starting out, it is important for many startup owners and online entrepreneurs to save as much as possible. Our free logo maker tool takes the uncertainty out of your brand identity design by offering you absolutely free logos to all its users. That’s not all! Customers love FreeLogoGenerator.com because:

  • Tons of logo templates

  • We have tons of logo templates in Free Logo Generator-all neatly categorized by industry niches, shapes, and colors. Just pick a design from a diverse selection of logos for your business brand.

  • No skills required

  • Even a kid can use our free logo creator software to design a logo and download it in minutes. It’s that easy! You don’t have to be a genius or have graphic design skills to use Free Logo Generator.

  • Absolutely free logos

  • No pay per download, no hidden cost; absolutely free logo designs for all! You can download an unlimited number of logos for free without any additional charge or obligations. Try it now!

  • Easy logo editor

  • Using the drag-drop technology, our AI logo maker is designed in such a way that you can get a custom logo design in minutes with just a few clicks. It’s easy and user-friendly.

Zaheer Dhodia CEO FreeLogoGenerator

Customer reviews Free Logo Generator

Betsy Farm

Ceo & Founder

It was so easy to get my logo! I didn’t know such a thing existed until I tried a free logo maker today.” at semper.

Sam Hues


I tried this logo generator for the first time and found it simple and uncomplicated compared with others. I would definitely recommend it.

Pepe Thomson

Store Owner

I just wanted a simple logo, nothing fancy. Loved what I got after a couple of tries. If you are looking for a free logo for a blog or social media then they have one of the best collections.

Let Our Logo Maker Kickstart Your Business

Zaheer Dhodia CEO FreeLogoGenerator
Zaheer Dhodia CEO FreeLogoGenerator
Zaheer Dhodia CEO FreeLogoGenerator

Having a unique logo design is just the first step in starting a business brand. Each of our logo templates is customizable to create unique logo designs for your business. You can launch a brand identity that resonates with your customers, improve brand recall, and establish trust – with just a few clicks.

Use Free Logo Generator to create a logo that you can proudly call your own, and use in marketing materials to kickstart your brand. You can download your created logo vector files and use them for all types of branding purposes and usage. Try it now!

Create a Logo

Your Branding Plan Starts Here

  • A logo for your brand identity

  • With a logo maker, you can create any logo design for your business brand identity, and launch it in minutes. You don’t have to wait for days for logo designers anymore; just do it yourself!

    Just use our free logo creator tool to get a brand identity design for your startup in the comfort of your home or garage office. Design and ready for download in minutes!

  • A logo creator for branding

  • Our logo creator tool allows you to download designs that can be used in branding such as printing banners, car wraps, and even printing branding materials.

    Our logo designer tool allows you to download high-quality logos so that you can easily use it for printing materials for your branding and marketing.

  • A logo maker that is versatile

  • Whether you run an ecommerce store, blog, gaming club, or YouTube channel, branding your enterprise with visually appealing logos is easy when you use our online logo creator tool.

    Use Free Logo Generator to create high-quality and creative logos for your digital brand designs. Our free logo maker software allows you to change colors, fonts, and effects to make unique logo designs.

  • A logo generator for all ages

  • You don’t have to be a graphic designer to use our logo maker software. Even a child can use our drag-and-drop online logo creator to design fabulous logo designs.

    Let our logo creator program help you build your business brand without the stress of learning technology. You don’t need to know graphic designing to use our AI-powered logo maker tool.

Zaheer Dhodia CEO FreeLogoGenerator

We’ve got you covered!

Make a Logo Now

Can you customize a logo design with Free Logo Generator?

Zaheer Dhodia CEO FreeLogoGenerator

The best part about a logo creator like ours is that you can create a custom logo design online without the hassle of hiring logo designers and paying a hefty price for it. No more going back and forth with emails, no more missed deadlines. You don’t even have to have an “eye” for design to get a professional logo design for your company.

All our logo designs are created by skilled logo designers who specialize in this field. You can cherry-pick your favorite logo design and customize it with fonts, colors, and taglines. All this process of creating a custom logo takes only a few minutes!

Custom Logo Designing with a Logo Maker is Simple

  • Unique logo

  • No more doubts about building your brand identity because we are here to help you. Use our logo maker to create an iconic logo design for your company that’s worthy of your brand vision and voice.

  • Iconic design

  • In this digital age, it’s important to have a visual identity like a brand logo to share on social media, blogs, websites, and similar online platforms. Use our logo creator to create a logo you can proudly show off.

  • Printable logos

  • And offline too! Just download logo vector files from Free Logo Generator to print on any branding material you like, including business cards, stationery, or even banners, t-shirts, and merchandise.

Zaheer Dhodia CEO FreeLogoGenerator